We design, build and launch digital products—both for clients and for our own ventures.

My name is Franco Maldonado, a 16 years old kid, designer and web developer with a big passion for web design. Me & my brother Lucas joined as a team at the end of 2017 and together we have made tons of websites including:

Html Colors, where you can easily find HTML colors for your website. Basically it's a single website with all the color tools you will always need.

We also made Gradient Hunt, which is a curated collection of beautiful gradients, updated daily.

And finally we made Trendy Palettes, a curated collection of beautiful color palettes, updated daily.

About Lorem Ipsum Generator

  • We launched it on September 2018
  • We generate a placeholder text commonly used to fulfill empty areas
  • We also provide a Placeholder Image Generator and Lorem Ipsum Plugins

How it works

  • You choose the amount of words, sentences or paragraphs and then generate the text
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  • The same with our Placeholder Images
  • You can also download our list of Lorem Ipsum Plugins if you need placeholders on a daily basis in your life